Ivonna Cadaver

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Ivonna Cadaver is the “Next Generation of Horror”.

The raven-haired temptress haunts, teases, and tantalizes viewers each
week on the nationally syndicated “Macabre Theatre,” the show LA
Weekly magazine said “beats the living daylights out of just about
anything else being broadcast.”

On October 31st of 2011 Ivonna Cadaver appeared on “CNN” with Jane
Velez-Mitchell and was crowned the “New Queen of Horror”. “CNN”
proclaimed her to be the “new fresh face of the undead”.

Macabre Theatre is a weekly series where Ivonna welcomes viewers into
her own private dungeon where she engages in delectable debauchery and
highlights such campy – some say, classic – horror movies. such as
“House on Haunted Hill,” “Theatre of Blood” starring Vincent Price;
Dario Argento’s cult favorites “Deep Red” and “Unsane;” “Werewolf vs.
Vampire Woman,” “Frightmare” and “The Brain That Wouldn’t Die.”

Ivonna Cadaver introduced several new elements to horror hosting that
had never been seen before such as being “On Location” covering the
hottest DVD release parties including Robert Englund, aka “Freddy
Krueger” and Ken Kirzinger, aka “Jason” (New Line Cinema’s “Freddy vs.
Jason”), at the Hollywood Wax Museum, and Universal Studios’ “Seed of
Chucky” starring Jennifer Tilly and creator-director Don Mancini and
Sony Pictures “Quarantine” at Knott’s Scary Farm in California.

Ivonna Cadaver performed two years in a row at Knott’s Scary Farms in
Anahiem, California with her very own live show and in 2011 she
attended We-Ho the world’s largest Halloween street party and covered
all the debaucherous fun which was broadcast nationally.

In 2011 Ivonna Cadaver was the creator for new programming that
features all “new” independant horror feature films on Macabre Theatre
a format that had never been seen on broadcast television until she
pavd the way. She created the concept to provide independant filmakers
a way to showcase thier movies as well as introduce a whole new
generation to horror hosting and the genre. Her first indie feature
was “Goat Sucker” by Steve Hudgins and PJ Sparks and included segments
including “Zombie Go Boom”, V Mail and Hotel Fear a look inside one of
the countries most haunted hotels. The newly formated Macabre Theatre
was shot on location at LA’s club Sanctuary. All of the content in
the newly formatted show was shot on location around the country.

“Macabre Theatre” was nationally syndicated in 2005 and airs in 30.1
million households accross the U.S. – The program targets the age
18-34, 25-49 demographic, the age group most prized by advertisers.

Ivonna continues to attends movie premieres, interviewing the cast and
crew, and Ivonna is found at the most sizzling industry conventions
and parties, interviewing a plethora of celebrities.

Macabre Theatre made its debut in Los Angeles on Halloween night 2002
on KDOC CH. 56 and made its national debut in September, 2005. New
episodes began in 2011 and run currently.

Check macabretheatre.com for listings in your area.